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Life After Loyalty - Chapter 1

Chapter One

Lewis Nelson

In Chapter One, I briefly introduce the book, how I lived for many years not acknowledging that I had a problem, and then encourage all veterans to do the hard work it takes to recover emotionally from the toils of combat deployments.

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Podcast Interview on Hazard Ground

Podcast Interview on Hazard Ground

In 2017, I had the opportunity to share my story with Mark Zinno on the Hazard Ground Podcast. The episode published in April of 2018. It was honor to be able to share my story on the same platform as Medal of Honor recipients and true combat heroes. I'm thankful that...



I've been dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for nearly eight years and only recently acknowledged it. In those eight years, I was not the husband and father I set out to be in life. I love my children and they love me; I don't think I've been a bad...

Forward – by Kayla Williams

Forward – by Kayla Williams

When I began speaking publicly about my husband’s struggle to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, people occasionally asked, “Why didn’t people used to get PTSD?” They labored under the misconception that since veterans of World War II did not discuss their...

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